14 august - Rafting on Turgen River


Rafting on Turgen River + Excursion to waterfall "Bear"

At the moment, there are discounts! ! ! You pay 7000 KZT 12000 instead !!!


Summer in the midst of friends, which means that it is time to try something new, such as - to take part in an interesting, extreme and fascinating lesson - rafting!

TourAsia continues to develop an active lifestyle, and this time we offer interesting rafting - Turgen.

Discount - 25% for river rafting Turgen until the end of July! ! !

7000 tenge instead of 12,000!

This tour is an opportunity to combine a trip to Turgen waterfalls and river rafting Turgen on the raft. Turgen river is quite wide and picturesque. It is not difficult for the alloy even for people who do not have special athletic training. Rafting on Turgen River will be interesting both for the experienced athlete, and for people who have never rafted down the mountain rivers. Category alloy low complexity - 2-3 category, but you will still throw in "holes" in the small rapids water will pour raft and cover you with his head. The release of adrenaline you provided!

After the rafting, you will go on an excursion to the waterfall "Bear." Waterfall "Bear", the drop height - 40 m. It is one of the most easily accessible waterfalls, near which is always a lot of tourists resting.

Tour program:
08:30 - gathering of participants at the Central Stadium.
09:00 - departure from Almaty.
10:40 - Arrival in Turgen gorge.
10:40 - 11:00 professional instruction, preparation for rafting.
11:00 - 14:00 rafting on the river Turgen length of 3 km.
14:00 - 16:00 excursion to the waterfall "Bear."
16:00 - 17:00 free time.
17:00 - Return to Almaty.

Tour cost: 7000 tenge for 1 person.
* Children are allowed to the alloy of 12 years accompanied by an adult.

Included in cost:
- Transport in both ends,
- Fees Shizuoka Stadium,
- All the necessary equipment for rafting,
- The services of professional instructors,
- 2 rafting on the river,
- Excursion to the waterfall "Bear."

Outfit: shoe (sneakers or boots), clothing does not restrict movement (shorts, T-shirt), swimwear, indoor shoes and clothes, sunglasses, cap, sunscreen, light snack, water, food and everything you need for a picnic.

Safety: the river Turgen 2-3 grade. We provide complete security for your equipment (life jackets, helmets). The alloy will be held under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Dates of tours: Tours are held every weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Please pre-specify availability.

It is also possible to order Corporate rest on Turgen River with rafting. We can arrange Teambuilding up to 200 people!

You still plagued by doubts, my friends? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons to go on a rafting in Turgen Gorge:

1) A unique opportunity to combine leisure with a visit to the most beautiful parts of nature.
2) You will spend time in nature and fresh air, rest and relax.
3) The thrill of rafting on the river on an inflatable boat.
4) An excellent workout for the body after a hard working week. Especially recommended for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.
5) Meet people, interesting communication, teamwork.

To reserve a place:
-pishite by e-mail - silkroad@tourasia.kz
-zvonite on the phone - 8,777,238 22 27 (Vitali)

All good and positive day. Let this summer will bring you a lot of new emotions and impressions! ! !

20 august - Skyrunning race of honor



"Race for skyrunning in honor of World Humanitarian Day 2016"


Regional Office of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs office (OCHA) for the countries of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Ukraine jointly with the Federation of skyrunning the Republic of Kazakhstan organized the race on skyrunning, as well as a number of information events in the World Day of honor of humanitarian aid August 20, 2016, in gorge Kim-Asar (to the left of Medeo).

The race is dedicated to the World Day of humanitarian aid, which was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2008 and is celebrated annually across the world on 19 August. On this day the international community commemorates humanitarian workers killed in the line of duty, and pays tribute to all those who continue to help people. It serves as a reminder of the tens of millions of people suffering today from hunger, disease and violence in more than 30 countries around the world.

All participants will be divided into two groups:
1. Amateur race in honor of World Humanitarian Day 2016 - for all the guests and participants of the event.
2. Almaty Championship skyrunning discipline Vertical kilometer - for professional athletes.

Start - 10:00
Gorge Kim-Asar (to the left of Medeo), meadow in the valley
Finish - Peak Furmanovka, route length of 5 km, climb -. 1000 meters.

Register / delivery rates: 7.00 - 9.30
Official opening: 9.15 - 9.45
Briefing of the race - 09:45
Warm - 09:50

The route will be located three points supply (drinking water for each participant), two of them along the road, and the third at the finish.

Participants who took the first three places in the individual competition for men and women, will receive certificates and prizes from the organizers. All other participants who have reached the peak, will be awarded certificates of participation.

At the end of the race of guests and participants of the event is waiting for a special program on the meadow in the valley, from 12.00 to 15.00, organized by OCHA in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty and the Red Crescent Society of Kazakhstan:
• food and drinks for participants
• First aid training
• presentation of the rescue teams and special equipment
• information events for Emergency Situations

Closing / Awards: 15.00

Participation in amateur race for FREE! ! !

All participants need to register on ssylkehttp:? //skyrunner.kz/index.php Do = static & page = zabeg-po-skayranningulibo leave data link http://bit.ly/2aerPmi c 29 July to 19 August 2016.

Registered participants will be directed to how to reach the venue.

For all additional questions, please contact tel .: + 7-707-376-05-32, + 7-777-078-97-78; + 7-701-191-00-05, +7 (727) 222-00-36 and by e-mail: skyrunningkz@gmail.com, rocca@un.org


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