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Khan Tengri peak

The ridge of Tengri-Tag, in the eastern part of which located the Khan Tengri Peak on the border of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China, starting in the west of the confluence of the north and south branches of the glacier Inylchek vertex 5211 m steeply rising rocky cliffs, called ironclads, which separates the glacier flows Inylchek. […]


Borovoye lies well over 200 km to the northeast of Astana and almost 100 km to the south of Kokshetau – meaning within close reach to Kazakh standards. Тhе name that sounds dear to all Kazakhs does not only refer to the lake that is situated in the same area but most of all to […]

What is Central Asia?

Idea of Central Asia — is very indistinct. This term has gained mass distribution in the middle of the 19th century, at the time of Alexander Humboldt (1769 — 1859), the geographical figure and the traveler after emergence of the composition of the same name. He defined this territory from the Himalaya northern slopes to […]

Trip to Kazakhstan

To study the countries not according to the world map, staying at home, and according to visas in the dream passport of many travelers. Moreover, the Kazakhstan visa will become magnificent addition in a moneybox of the countries, which you have visited. TourAsia has prepared for you unique Kazakhstan tours that will dip you into […]


There is a conception that Pamir is a highland located to the south of Fergana hollow. However, it is better to call it Pamir-Alai. But geographers used to separate northern territory of these mountains from the basic part of Pamir. It is located between Fergana and Alai valleys. It has several names: Pamir-Alai, Southern Tien-Shan […]

Unforgettable Visit to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan citizen, traveling all over the world, often come up against a situation when foreigners don’t know that the Kazakhstan exists. That it is the country with population reached nearly 18 million people, and taking the 9th place in the world on the area, conceding to Argentina. And our tourists safely invite foreign guests to carry out […]

Mysterious Charyn canyon

Charyn Canyon is one of the pearls of Kazakhstan. We consider this place obligatory for visiting. The fault was formed 12 million years ago, and stretched for 154 km. Has a height of cliffs from 150 to 300 meters. Tourists get into a fairy tale after arriving there, the nature created fanciful figures, blowing the […]

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