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Trip to Kazakhstan

To study the countries not according to the world map, staying at home, and according to visas in the dream passport of many travelers. Moreover, the Kazakhstan visa will become magnificent addition in a moneybox of the countries, which you have visited. TourAsia has prepared for you unique Kazakhstan tours that will dip you into centuries-old history of the country, people life, will help to like culture and traditions of the population.
Kazakhstan – the multinational country! There live in peace more than 121 nationalities, with various religions, and deservedly calls themselves by the hospitable people.

Trip to Kazakhstan

The country opens the doors for all comers to see boundless steppes, tremendous ridges, unforgettable landscapes and an opportunity to regale on abundance of the ethnic cuisine.
Each country is amazing in own way, and Kazakhstan not an exception. This modern and young state. Gained the independence on December 16, 1991, and for short term turned into the country with the developed infrastructure. Every year the country attracts investors and tourists more and more.
Whether you will choose city tours or will wish to retire with the nature, having avoided far away vanity – Kazakhstan is ready to offer you various options. From extreme, rest to cultural and educational.

All Kazakhstan tours are form individually for each group. At your choice, we suggest to visit the next tours:
1. Almaty and Astana.
2. Astana Shymkent-Almaty.
3. City tour across Astana.
4. Archaeological tour.
5. Great Ustyurt plateau.
6. Western Kazakhstan.
7. Ancient cities of Kazakhstan,
8. Heritage of UNESCO.
9. KARLAG — Karaganda labor camp
10. A tour Back in the past

In detail you can be acquainted with tours on our website, or contact our manager which will help to create for you. This list can be infinite.
Carefully thought over Kazakhstan tours will make rest comfortable and informative. At your disposal comfortable transport, skilled guides, a highly topical program and mass of impressions, and TourAsia will become your conductor.

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