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Unforgettable Visit to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan citizen, traveling all over the world, often come up against a situation when foreigners don’t know that the Kazakhstan exists. That it is the country with population reached nearly 18 million people, and taking the 9th place in the world on the area, conceding to Argentina. And our tourists safely invite foreign guests to carry out a visit to Kazakhstan that they have personally seen the country scale where have stretched the open spaces, along with the cities, steppes, the woods and majestic mountains.

Unforgettable Visit to Kazakhstan

Republic of Kazakhstan very dynamically developing country, which is actively implementing the latest technologies in industrialization of the country. In addition, as the bright proof of it serves participation in the International exhibition of the EXPO that will take place in 2017 in the capital of Kazakhstan – in the city of Astana. Millions of people from all corners of the planet were visit our hospitable region personally to see the grandiose exhibition halls designed by the American company, the latest architectural constructions the Ishim River located on both sides will pleasantly surprise. The capital actively to prepare for a meeting of a big flow of tourists.

Planning a visit to Kazakhstan, with different purposes, it is worth planning studying and other regions of the country. You waited by the following entertainments:

· Cultural life of the country: various museums, theaters, exhibitions

· Different entertainment and night life in a cities.

· Extreme and active types of rest: a paraplanerism, a skayranning, ski resorts, freeride, skating on the most high-mountain skating rink «Medeo» in the world, step routes.

· City tours accompanied by professional guides.

· Professional ascensions on mountain tops under the professional guides.

· Jeep tours and weekend tours across environment.

If speaks about elderly history of Kazakhstan, then it was a significant part of the Great silk way where met people, cultures and the ideas. Where there was an exchange of experience and goods between the West and the East. In the presence of time and desire, surely plan a tour on the Silk Road. The guide will spend you in significant and ancient places having key value in development of the first intercontinental network.

Unforgettable Visit to Kazakhstan

It is also worth noting that UNESCO enters several historical objects in the list:

· Hodzha Ahmed Yasavy mausoleum – Turkestan city;

· Petroglyphs of an archaeological landscape of the Tamgaly – Almaty city;

· Saryarka — lakes and steppes of Kazakhstan from North side;

· Objects of the Great Silk Road to Tian-Shan corridor.

Planning a visit to Kazakhstan, it is important to know that doors of the country are open all the year round. Here each traveler will find for himself something unique and unique. TourAsia with pleasure will become the conductor after open spaces of Kazakhstan.

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