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No one can board a plane to fly to Kazakhstan without medical certificate with negative test result issued not earlier 72hrs before departure.
The issuance of tourism visas is still suspended as well as visa free regime.

Here is actual list of flights to Kazakhstan:
1. Almaty — Tashkent — Almaty (Air-Astana — 1 time/per week, Uzbek Airways — 1 time/per week)
2. Almaty — Bishkek — Almaty (Air-Astana — 2 times/per week)
3. Almaty — Istanbul — Almaty (Air-Astana — 7 times/per week, Turkish Airlines — 5 times/per week, Pegasus Airlines — 3 times/per week)
4. Almaty — Antalya — Almaty (Air-Astana — 2 times/per week, SCAT — 1 time/per week)
5. Almaty — Kiev — Almaty (Air-Astana — 1 time/per week)
6. Almaty — Seoul — Almaty (Air-Astana — 1 time/per week, Asiana Airlines — 1 time/per week)
7. Almaty — Dubai — Almaty (Air-Astana — 5 times/per week, Fly Dubai — 5 times/per week)
8. Almaty — Sharm-El-Sheikh — Almaty (SCAT/Air-Astana — 1 time/per week)

1. Nur-Sulan — Moscow — Nur-Sultan (Air-Astana — 1 time/per week, Aeroflot — 1 time/per week)
2. Nur-Sulan — Minsk — Nur-Sultan (Belavia — 3 times/per week)
3. Nur-Sulan — Frankfurt — Nur-Sultan (Air-Astana — 3 times/per week)
4. Nur-Sulan — Istanbul — Nur-Sultan (Air-Astana — 3 times/per week, Turkish Airlines — 3 times/per week)
5. Nur-Sulan — Antalya — Nur-Sultan (Air-Astana — 2 times/per week)
6. Nur-Sulan — Dubai — Nur-Sultan (Air-Astana — 3 times/per week, Fly Dubai — 3 times/per week)
7. Nur-Sultan — Sharm-El-Sheikh — Nur-Sultan (SCAT/Air-Astana — 1 time/per week)

1. Aktau — Istanbul — Aktau (SCAT — 3 times/per week)

1. Atyrau — Istanbul — Atyrau (Air-Astana — 2 times/per week)
2. Atyrau — Amsterdam — Atyrau (Air-Astana — 2 times/per week)

1. Shymkent — Istanbul — Shymkent (SCAT — 2 times/per week)

1. Uralsk — Frankfurt — Uralsk (Air-Astana — 1 time/per week)

On August 27, 2020, restrictions will be cancelled for regular passenger flights between Kazakhstan and Turkey

International flights were re-opened for tourists. It’s permitted to travel from Kazakhstan to:

  • Belorussia;
  • Germany;
  • Egypt;
  • Netherlands;
  • UAE;
  • Ukraine;
  • Russian Federation (not permitted by Russia)

It possible to visit Kazakhstan for citizens (passport holders) of countries listed above if they have valid visas or visa-free regime and use direct flights between our countries.
The borders are still closed for any other passport holders for tourism purpose.

International flights re-opening in Kazakhstan from June,20. All flights divided into 3 groups:
1. China, South Korea, Japan, Georgia, Thailand. All passengers arriving from this countries must fill the medical form and check the temperature.
2. Turkey. All passengers arriving from Turkey must be quarantined for up to 48 hours and tested for COVID-19, except of passengers who provide medical certificate with negative COVID-19 result (tested not earlier than 5 days prior border crossing).
3. All other countries. Flights to this countries are still suspended.

In accordance with new COVID-19 regulation (valid from June,06) all passengers arriving to Kazakhstan must be quarantined for up to 48hours and tested for COVID-19, except of passengers who provide medical certificate with negative COVID-19 result (tested not earlier than 5 days prior border crossing).

Issuance of Tourists, Student and Work visas to Kazakhstan at US embassy is suspended.

From June,01
— re-open domestic train transportation in Kazakhstan;
— re-open domestic bus transportation in Kazkahstan;
— re-open sport facilities (no spectators permitted);
— re-open fitness-centers and spa;

Preparing for re-opening international flights (the dates will be announced next week, it’s depend of opening borders in that countries):
1 stage: between Kazakhstan and South Korea, China, Azerbaijan;
2 stage: between Kazakhstan and UAE, Germany, Turkey, Thailand.

Hotels and restaurants will be open in Almaty from May,25

Our government announced that hotels in Kazakhstan can be re-opened from May,18
Railway service will be resumed from June,01. On the first stage the trains will be availale between:
— Almaty and Nur-Sultan, Shymkent, Pavlodar, Aktobe, Petropavlovsk;
— Nur-Sultan and Almaty, Semey, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Kyzyl-Orda;

Today the state of emergency was ended in the Kazakhstan Republick but the quarantine regime is still on in Almaty/Nur-Sultan and other cities.

Today was canceled the obligatory requirement to have medical certificate with negative COVID test result to go on-board of aircrafts for domestic flights.

Air Astana re-starts their flights between Almaty and Nur-Sultan from 1 May 2020, and the flights to Aktobe, Kyzylorda and Ust-Kamenogorsk from May,12-2020. It’s necessary to provide medical certificate with negative COVID test result.

Kazakhstan suspended the visa free regime till November,01-2020 for all countries whose citizens was allowed to enter Kazakhstan without a visa.

Almaty and Nur-Sultan cities will be closed for entry/exit for all people from 00:00 March,19
Almaty officials closing Almaty airport for all domestic flights and Almaty train stations at all from 00:00 of March,22
Almaty airport will be opened for international flights to allow Kazakhs citizens return home and foreigners to leave Almaty. All this flights will be coordinated with air carriers.

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