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Ancient cities of Kazakhstan
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Welcome to Central Asia!
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Ancient cities of Kazakhstan

4 days

Company Tour Asia Travel Agency welcomes you to an amazing tour through the ancient cities of Kazakhstan. This is a unique opportunity to be acquainted with the life and culture of the Kazakh people. To see the stunning beauty of ancient monuments.

Day 1

Meeting at the airport. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation. Relax

Excursion «Acquaintance with the city of Almaty»

The tour includes a visiting the Central Museum, the road to it runs through the park, which is located near the presidential residence. During the summer, in this park often arrange wedding photo shoot. The modern building was constructed in 1985 with help of next architects: Yu.Ratushnogo, Z.Mustafinoy and B.Rzagalieva. This building is considered as one of the best buildings of modern architecture of our city. On its three floors located the exhibition galleries and four exhibition halls, which exhibits different epochs of life of the Kazakh people and their traditions. After that, our tour have a direction to New Republic Square, where you can see the Monument of Independence.

Ancient cities of Kazakhstan

Day 2

Excursion to the Issyk mounds (50km) and Museum of Golden Man.

Issyk mounds are located in 50 km from the city of Almaty. At first glance, this burial unremarkable. However, it became famous thanks to the discovery in one of the tombs, called «Issyk mound.» In 1969, in this mound found Golden Man. Saka warrior from the tribe tigrahaud, in golden armor. This warrior became the most valuable archaeological discovery in Kazakhstan. It also found more than 4000 gold jewelry made about V-VI century BC. At the site of excavation recently built a new museum — The State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum «Issyk».

Also in the tour program includes a visit to the 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. In this park located such famous buildings as: Cathedral — the strongest wooden building, constructed in Almaty in 1907 by the project of famous architect A.P.Zenkov. Museum of Kazakh national musical instruments, in which located the most popular among the Kazakh people Tool – Dombra. Memorial of fame — built in honor of the heroes, who died for the freedom and independence of our country.

Next, our tour follows, to the «Green Market», tourists can take a walk through the bazaar and buy some souvenirs. Near the Green Bazaar is located the famous chocolate factory «Rahat». Here you can buy the most delicious chocolate in the city.

Flight to the city of Shymkent (1 hour) Meeting guests + transfer to the hotel. Accommodation and relaxAncient cities of Kazakhstan

Day 3

Transfer to Otrar region (170 km). Visiting the local historical museum «Otyrar», «Arystan — Bab mausoleum» and the archaeological site of ancient settlement Otrar. In 150 km from Shymkent city, near Otrar is located the mausoleum preacher of Islam, religious figure who lived in the XII century, teacher and spiritual mentor of H.A. Yassavi, Arystan Baba (architectural monument of XIV century.). The mausoleum is a monument of architecture, as well as this place is one of the main places of worship for Muslims. Pilgrims first visit Arystan Bab Mausoleum, and then the mausoleum H.A.Yassavi (his pupil).

Next, our tour follows, to the archaeological site of ancient settlement Otrar. The excavations on the site of the ancient city, helped for researchers, find out a lot about the city’s infrastructure. Otrar had a clear planning of streets, neighborhoods and areas where it was possible to get through the three city gates equipped with drawbridge over the moat. Availability in the city monetary house, handicraft quarters, water and sewage, indicating the development of the city.

Transfer to Turkestan

Visiting the historical and architectural complex «Azret Sultan»; Mausoleum H.A Yassavi. Modern mausoleum was built on the burial site of the famous poet Khoja Ahmed Yassavi, who had a great authority among Muslims and had a significant impact on Islam in Central Asia. The architectural complex of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi — a striking example of architecture, united in their walls different types of rooms. The main room of the architectural composition of the complex is the tomb of Ahmed Yassavi located in the rear part of the building. The height of the huge building is equal to 44 meters, diameter of the main dome — 22 meters. The building consists of 30 rooms and halls. Pearls of this museum is — Tai Kazan — the biggest bowl for water across the eastern Muslim world

Return to Shymkent (170 km). Accommodation and dinner

Ancient cities of Kazakhstan

Day 4

Transfer to Sairam village (160 km)

Tour around the mausoleum Ibrahim Ata (Father of H.A.Yassavi) and Karashaev Ana mausoleum (Mother of H.A. Yassavi), and visiting the medieval minaret.

-Transfer to the foot of the mountain Kazygurt. Holy place «Kamekalgan». Sightseeing tour of sacred mountain, «Noah’s Ark», cleansing from sin, rock — «Adam and Eve», stone statues of animals and the Sorcerer’s Stone «Dastarkhan».

Transfer to Natural Park Aksu Zhabagly. Accommodation. Free time for walking through the park. Dinner

Ancient cities of Kazakhstan

Day 5

Sightseeing tour around Nature Reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Walking tour of the area. Journey to the spring of Kokbulak. Nature reserve Aksu-Zhabagly is located in the northwestern part of the Tian Shan Mountains in southern Kazakhstan. This is one of the richest natural animal reserve in the world. The reserve was opened in July 14, 1926, it is one of the oldest nature reserves in Central Asia. Aksu Zhabagly Reserve has many tourist attractions such as gorges, varied landscapes and caves.

Transfer to Shymkent city and than to airport. Flight to Astana

Meeting at the airport. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation and relax

Day 6

Sightseeing tour around the city: «Future Astana city», includes visit of the Bayterek complex one of the main sights of the city (height of a construction makes 97 meters), visit of entertainment center of «Duman» with an oceanarium, which is represented by completely new model in show business, survey of the mini-map of Kazakhstan of «Atameken». On the card, essential sights of areas and the cities of Kazakhstan are presented: from historical architectural memorials and landscape features (the mountain, the lake, etc.) to the biggest modern industrial objects. Following ways of the card, which represent the main automobile, and railway roads of the country, it is possible to see the most interesting objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the end of day walk around the city.

Ancient cities of Kazakhstan

Day 7

Transfer to “ALZHIR”, 30 km from Astana.

Excursion to Akmola camp of wives traitors of the Motherland. Visiting the museum and memorial of the victims of political repressions and totalitarianism «ALZGIR», opened in May 31, 2007 at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Author of idea of museum and memorial complex, architect and sculptor — Saken Naryn. Memorial includes a museum, monument «Arch of sorrow» memorial «Wall of Remembrance» with the names of 7,620 dead female prisoners of the camp, sculptures («Struggle and Hope», «The despair and powerlessness»). The museum was established on the base of materials, the victims of political repression (presented archival documents, photographs and personal affairs repressed). During the four years of existence, from 2007 to 2010, the museum accepted 125,777 visitors, conducted 3117 excursions.

Return to Astana

Day 8

— Early breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Airport

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