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Archeological tour: from mountains to ancient Petroglyphs
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Welcome to Central Asia!
since 1990
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Archeological tour: from mountains to ancient Petroglyphs

Day 1

  • Our guest arival in Almaty city
  • Our compnay are meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel. Hotel Accommodation. Recreation.
  • For this day you have free time to meet with Almaty city by yourself, go out and look around.

Day 2

  • Today we have an exrursion around Almaty. It will take around 7 hours (lunch included)
  • First, breakfast at the hotel.

During the tour we will visit next famous attractions in our city:

The Park of 28 guards-Panfilov. In this park you can find next interesting buildings:

The Ascension Cathedral

Museum of National Musical Instruments

After Park, we go to the Green Market or other name — Green Bazar. Why green, the answer is simply – you can buy many greens here, and not only. You can buy also souvenirs, goods and so on. In previous time on this territory were pass one of the road of Silk-Road. This is popular places among locals, because prices on this market is OK! During excursion, we will also visit New Republic Square, Central State Museum in which you will know about history of Kazakhs.

After lunch we will drive to the Mountains to Medeo Skating rink, highest in the world.

On the back way from the mountains, we will visit Kok-Tobe hill. From this point you can see the whole panorama to Almaty city. During the night is more better, I recommend to you.

Around 6 o`clock you will be at the hotel.

Archeological tour: from mountains to ancient Petroglyphs

Day 3

Today we have a fascinating trip to Lake Issyk which is located in the Turgen gorge, near the city of Almaty. The road to the lake takes about 2 hours each way. On the way, we pass through interesting places and villages. The lake is situated among the stunning scenery of the area. The lake was formed as a result of mudflow, which occurred about 10 000 years ago. Now this lake attracts large number of tourists due to its affordability and beauty. During your walks around the lake, we will prepare a picnic for you.

After a walk around the lakes, we will visit the «Issyk» Historical Museum. The museum is located in an area where they found the famous golden man. During the museum tour you will get acquainted with the history of Kazakh people and learn who really was a golden man.

Archeological tour: from mountains to ancient Petroglyphs

Day 4

Excursion to Charyn Canyon (200 km, 3,5 hours in one way).

Charyn Canyon, which compared to the beauty of the Grand Canyon in Colorado, located east of Almaty. Unique forms of erosion and weathering of the relief will take you to the fantastic, surreal world of whimsical sculptures of sandstone «Castle Valley,» «Witches Gulch,» and others. The height of the steep slopes, columns and arches up to 150-300 meters. The canyon stretches for 154 km northeast to south-west, along the Charyn River, which is ideal for rafting. It remained rare representative of the vegetation of the globe — Sogdian ash, a survivor of the epoch of glaciation.

Lunch at the Local Cafe

Arrival at the hotel. Overnight.

Archeological tour: from mountains to ancient Petroglyphs

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel.

Excursion to Tamgaly (163 km, 3 hours in one way).

Tamgaly is a place famous for its petroglyphic rock drawings. The name Tamgaly in Kazakh means painted or marked place. All the rocks within the area of 10 km are covered with drawings.For many centuries Tamgaly used to be the place where various rituals and sacrifices took place. Some of the drawings were renewed in the Middle Ages, and used in ceremonies till the XI th. Century AD.

Back in a city. Transfer to railway station. Night train Almaty – Shymkent, 16 hours in a way.

Archeological tour: from mountains to ancient Petroglyphs

Day 6

Arrival to Shymkent. Meeting at the railway station. Breakfast.

Moving to the city of Turkestan (165 km, 3 hours in a way). During a way visit ancient city Otrar. It is the city where there was born and lived the medieval philosopher and the scientist Al Farabi. The settlement of Otrar founded in the IV century BC. Before the Mongolian invasion, it is one of the largest cities of Central Asia. The ancient city of Otrar was the large center of trade on the Great Silk way. This center of trade and craft art was the main point of caravan tracks between Eastern Europe and China.

It is well known for a mint, the huge library which wasn’t conceding to the most known libraries of antiquity. In this city I was born, the famous medieval thinker Al-Farabi lived and created. At the end of the XIII century, the Mongolian troops razed the unique city to the ground.

In the 14th century in Otrare the mausoleum esteemed a sufiya, the teacher Hodzhy Ahmed Yassavi — Arystan-baba built. The mausoleum is consider the holy site of Kazakhstan, the second for the importance, after the Turkestani mausoleum of Hodzhy Ahmed of Yassavi.

Excursion across Turkestan: the historical and architectural Azret-sultan complex, H.A.Yasavi’s mausoleum, the ancient settlement Turkestan, the Necropolis, a fortification fragment, a citadel with gate, east bath, an underground mosque of Hilvet. City. Turkestan was founded about 500 AD on crossing of caravan tracks from Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva to Northern Kazakhstan.

Turkestan is one of the most ancient cities on the Great Silk way. On the importance, Turkestan is called by the second Mecca, and visit of such holy sites as Hodzhi Ahmed Yassaui’s mausoleum, Arystan-Baba, Aisha-Bibi, Babadzhi-Hatun, Karahan and the ancient city of Otrar, it is equated to the Small Hajj. Turkestan had a reputation spiritually — the political center of the Turkic people and was the most ancient capital of the Kazakh khans.

Hodge Ahmed’s mausoleum of Yassaui — an unsurpassed masterpiece of medieval architecture. Nowadays existing mausoleum, was built 233 years later after his death by order of the outstanding commander, the emir Tamerlan and today represents the masterpiece of medieval architecture which became to one of the main places of worship of Muslims.

Back to Shymkent. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Overnight

Archeological tour: from mountains to ancient Petroglyphs

Day 7

Excursion across Chimkent with visit of the Central park, the Mosque, department store. The sightseeing tour around the city includes new park «Nezavisimosti» with the singing fountain, excursion to the Memorial of glory and the Walk of Fame of participants of patriotic war, the review of stadium of Kazhimukan, a survey platform about the highest monument Baydibek би and walk on one of parks of the city.

Transfer to the airport. Flight to Astana, 1:50 in a way.

Arrival to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Overnight

Day 8

Breakfast at the hotel

Sightseeing city tour in Astana

During this excursion you will take a closer look at the most significant architectural constructions and monuments of modern capital

Square of Independence,

Green Water Boulevard,

Tower Baiterek

Entertainment complex Duman with Oceanarium

Presidential cultural center

Orthodox Church, the Mosque of Astana

Ethno-memorial complex Atameken

Palace of Peace

Archeological tour: from mountains to ancient Petroglyphs

Day 9

Transfer to the airport. Flight at home.

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