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Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana — Shymkent — Almaty
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Welcome to Central Asia!
since 1990
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Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana — Shymkent — Almaty

3 days


It is a new capital of Kazakhstan (06.07.1994). The transposition of the capital is the beginning of a dynamic development of the infrastructure, culture, industry of the region. UNESCO awarded the status of «City of Peace» in 1999. This place was chosen specially. The unique location of the city from ancient times had been served as main distribution center. Here passed the Great Silk Road and what is why the region became blossomed and rich. At present it is a city with special economic zone, the modern and bold architectural and town-planning projects are realized. Industries’ areas are at the high level of development:

  • Agro industrial machinery
  • Food industry
  • Agriculture
  • Transport field
  • Tourist area

The number of tourists wishing to see the one of the high growing town in the World is increasing every year.

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty


It is the cultural center of the country, with many museums of theaters and a diverse entertainment life. It is a green city with the developed parks’ infrastructure, with many gardens and fountains, surrounded by the Tien-Shan mountain. Almaty is one of the most beautiful cities in Kazakhstan.

City where each traveler will find an entertainment for himself:

  • Museums and theaters
  • A lot of restaurants for different nations of the world
  • Famous ski resorts
  • High-mountain skating ring «Medeo»
  • Rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Cycling
  • And much more

Visit to Kazakhstan will be fascinating journey for each person.

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty


The city, which is one of the three largest cities in Kazakhstan. There are located the main commercial, industrial and cultural centers of the country. Welcome and the great variety of national food of the local people will not leave anyone indifferent. Shymkent is also a regional center of the South-Kazakhstan region. Tourists visit the city for sunbathing, to see the national way of life, to touch history and of course to try the local delicious.

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty


The Silk Road passed through the ancient town Turkestan, since it was a cross road from Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara. The settlement appeared in 500 AD. E. City fortress was formed as a result of the flourishing of trade and a successful location. In the modern world it is a tourist Mecca, as in addition to many architectural monuments there is the majestic Mausoleum of Khojga Ahmed Yassawi, built according to Tamerlane’s order in the 14th century.

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty


1 day. Astana

Meeting in the airport. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation and personal time.

2 day. Astana

Excursion with fascinating city tour in Astana:

  • Baiterek tower (height 80 м.) –

the monument of Kazakhstan which combines historical, political and philosophical significance. From the tower there is a stunning views of the city

  • The «Duman» complex in which is located the unique oceanarium in the Kazakhstan. You will see the rare types of fish of different sizes, floating above you in a glass tunnel.


  • Churches
  • Mosques

Open-air museum — Atameken. Let’s call this place as a map of Kazakhstan, which is located on 1.7ha, where are marked the regions of the country, cities and main sightseeing of the country. The tourists will have a chance walk all over Kazakhstan within one hour!

  • Transfer Hotel-Airport
  • Flight to Shymkent
  • Transfer airport-hotel
  • Accommodation
  • Relaxation

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty

3 day. Shymkent, Otrar

  • City tour around Shymkent with vising of main shop and Central City Park.
  • Turkestan — transfer160 km.
  • On the way the visiting the ancient city Otrar. The ancient city – the monument under the ground. In the period before the Mongol invasion had been the largest city in Central Asia.
  • Mausoleum of Arystan Bab.
  • Hotel. Personal time and rest.

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty

4 day. Turkestan

  • City tour around Turkestan
  • Visiting the mausoleum complex of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Had been built on the grave of the poet and preacher Yasawi. On the territory of the complex there is not only a mausoleum, but also many other ancient buildings erected in different periods of time:

— Monsha – A medieval bathhouse with unique design;

— Hylvet (cell), where the poet Yasawi lived in the  age of 63 and wrote his poems;

— Sultan Begim — mausoleum of great- Tamerlane’s granddaughter and daughter of astronomer Ulugbek Rabia;

— Mausoleum of the khan Yoshim and many other monuments of architecture

— Transfer to the railway station. Transfer to Almaty (night on the train).

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty

5 day. Almaty

Meeting on the railway station. Transfer. Accomodation. Rest.

Visiting the famous sightseeing’s of the city:

— Park of 28 Guardsmen-Panfilovites, where was erected the imposing monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, near the eternal flame.

— The cathedral — built by the engineer A.P. Zenkov in 1907 without a single nail. Despite this – it is the only building that survived while strong earthquake in 1911.

— Museum of Folk Musical Instruments named after Uhlas. There is a huge variety of folk instruments from different epochs.

— Nationl museum of Kazakhstan

The Republic Square is the place where the stunning green square is located, surrounded by its modern architectural ensemble. The national festivities, sporting events, fairs, parades and concerts are organizing there.

Kok-tobe is the oasis in the center of the city! The mountain is 1100 meters high above sea level, with attractions, observation platforms, restaurants. There is unforgettable view of the city. On the one hand a shining lively city, on the other hand, the Tien-Shan mountain ranges, where the highest peak Talgar (4979 m) is perfectly visible.

— Medeo area – there is the highest mountain skate ring in the world.

— Hotel. Personal time.  Rest.

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty

6 day. Almaty

Charyn Canyon is one of the pearls of Kazakhstan. We consider this place obligatory for visiting. The fault was formed 12 million years ago, and stretched for 154 km. Has a height of cliffs from 150 to 300 meters. Tourists get into a fairy tale after arriving there, the nature created fanciful figures, blowing the sandy rocks with winds for centuries. It is a museum of natural nature under the open sky, where exhibits are presented: «Valley of Castles», «Witch’s Gorge» and many others. Through the whole canyon there passes the strong Charynka River, perfectly suitable for rafting. Also there are rare species of flora survived after glaciation of the earth — ash Sogdian.

— Return to hotel in Almaty

Major Kazakhstan cities: Astana - Shymkent - Almaty

7 day. Almaty

Transfer: hotel – Almaty airport. Flight to home

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