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Great Plateau «Ustyurt» tour in Western Kazakhstan
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Great Plateau «Ustyurt» tour in Western Kazakhstan

expedition to desert

Great Plateau Ustyurt has long been attracting travelers from all over the world. It attracts awesome types that resemble moon landscapes. This unique beauty of the place will allow you to transfer if to another world. With a good imagination of man can imagine any picture. Traveling on the plateau, you can see a rare phenomenon, such as perfectly round stone balls, salt lake and other beauty. Visit once Ustyurt, forever will remain the memories of this wonderful trip.

Great Plateau «Ustyurt» tour in Western Kazakhstan

Day 1

  • Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation

Excursion «Mysterious Mangistau»

Transfer to Karagiye Depression (70 km)

Karagiye Depression, perhaps the closest attraction near Aktau city. According to one version from the ancient language, Karagiye translates as «black mouth». It stretches from north to south for 80 km with a width of 25 — 30 km. The deepest mark of Karagiye located in the southern part, is — 132 m below sea level, which gives it the status of one of the deepest in the world. Here you can meet the fossilized remains of marine fauna Paleogene era — whales, sharks, rays, bony fishes, turtles and shells of extinct mollusks.

  • Next, our tour goes to the village of Seneca, through the town of Jean-Ozen.

Walk around the sand dunes of Bostankum

The largest sandy area Bostankum is located in the center of the peninsula Mangyshlak. In the afternoon, the sands seem to uninhabited, only eared toad — the local lizards, frolic in the hot sand. In the spring, sands are covered by rare islands with lush greenery. Spring desert dazzles and attracts short-term, but magnificent holiday colors and sweet singing of a lark. This is an amazing place, which you must visit in order to feel wonderful atmosphere of this picturesque edge.

After survey of the sand dunes, our tour goes to Mount Bokty

Bokty Mountain rises to 165 meters above sea level and is located in the western part of the chink of Ustyurt, is on the south side, approximately 17 kilometers from the road leading from the town of Jean-Ozen to the mosque Becket-Ata.

From the base and up to half, the mountain decked with white, red and yellow stripes. Mountain Bokty one of the most beautiful and unique creations of nature in Mangyshlak.

  • Relocation to the tract Boszhira

Great Plateau «Ustyurt» tour in Western Kazakhstan

Moving to the tract Boszhira

The road runs along the picturesque Ustyurt plateau, decorative by chalky mountains and high peaks that resemble the Cretaceous poles. The height of the plateau reaches 280 meters. From the southeast side is adjacent to the edge of the bottom of a large dry salt lake Karashek. Here you can meet chalk and stone balls and fossilized marine fauna.

Valley of Boszhira surrounded on three sides by an amphitheater of natural oddities. Here, everything is white — canyons, peaks, mountains, towers, mountains, castles, mountains-yurts. Mountains in the valley like a chameleon, the shapes of figures can be absolutely different, it depends on way of looking. The uniqueness of Boszhira tract are two limestone peaks, nicknamed because of its shape, like fangs. Their height from the base reaches more than 200 m.

  • Next, Our excursion follows to the column of Boshira
  • Installation of the camp. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 2

  • Breakfast. Climbing to Boszhira Mountain. Return to the camp. Transfer to Ustyurt Reserve
  • Next, our tour goes to the Karynzharyk depression.

Depression Karynzharyk stretched in the meridional direction by more than 70 km at the base of Ustyurt chink. It covers the bottom of the longest in the Mangistau region Kenderli sor. Lower Elevation of sor — 66 m below sea level is at its southern tip. Perhaps this point is the most attractive part of the depression.

Highlight of Kenderlinski saline — five outlier mountains rising more than 150 m in the middle of the white-salted substance. Three of them are close to each other, which is why local Kazakhs call these mountains «Three batyrs» or «Three brothers».

The bottom of the sor is always wet and covered in salt crust, which swells the veins in the sun infinite cracks. In the wet season, solonchak is covered with a thin layer of water and then outliers as impregnable island, towering above the glassy surface.

  • Back to Aktau

Great Plateau «Ustyurt» tour in Western Kazakhstan

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