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Central Asia 2 stans tour: Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan
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Welcome to Central Asia!
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Central Asia 2 stans tour: Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan

Central Asia nature and modern cities

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Almaty is an unusual city. It has adapted to changing times faster than any other city in Central Asia. The city is decorate with many parks and gardens, fountains and flowerbeds. Almaty stretches along the foothills of the Zailiysky Alatau. This is the most beautiful city in the foothills of the Tien-Shan emerald mountain ranges Almaty takes various international events as the most convenient city of the republic with a well-developed infrastructure, and it remains the largest industrial and cultural center of Kazakhstan.

Central Asia 2 stans tour: Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek is the capital and the largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek is also the administrative center of Chuy Province, which surrounds the city, even though the city itself is not part of the province but rather a province-level unit of Kyrgyzstan. North of the city, a fertile and gently undulating steppe extends far north into neighboring Kazakhstan. The Chui River drains most of the area. Bishkek is connect to the Turkestan-Siberia Railway by a spur line.

Bishkek is a city of wide boulevards and marble-faced public buildings combined with numerous Soviet-style apartment blocks surrounding interior courtyards and, especially outside the city center, thousands of smaller privately built houses. It laid out on a grid pattern, with most streets flanked on both sides by narrow irrigation channels that water the innumerable trees that provide shade in the hot summers.

Central Asia 2 stans tour: Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan

Day 1. Arrival to Kyrgyzstan.

Meeting with your guide in the airport, then transfer to Bishkek city about 30 minutes driving. Upon arrival to Bishkek city accommodation in hotel. Little sightseeing tour. Visit central square Ala Too to watch a ceremony of changing of the Guard of Honor, and Manas Monument, the main national hero of the Kyrgyz people, State History Museum (closed on Monday or can be under reconstruction).

Overnight in hotel.

Day 2. Bishkek city – Ala-Archa National Park – Bishkek city.

After breakfast transfer to Ala-Archa National Park located in a picturesque gorge of Ala Archa 45 km off from Bishkek.

In the National Park you can easily hike along the main gorge of Ala Archa and back to enjoy views of magnificent peaks of Kyrgyz Alatau Ridge (Tien Shan Mountains). Also you can make a light hiking to the waterfall.

After transfer back to Bishkek city, visit to Osh Bazaar (closed on Monday), the largest and busiest market in the city. Where you can see a wide set of goods and buy some souvenirs.

Overnight in Bishkek city.

Central Asia 2 stans tour: Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan

Day 3. Bishkek city – Burana Tower – Bishkek city.

In the morning one hour drive to Burana Tower (old minaret), (it is site of UNESCO) near Tokmok town. It is 75 km far from Bishkek city. That minaret was constructed in Balasagun town; one of the capitals of Karakhanid State existed in 10-12 centuries AD. Explore ruins of that important trading point at the Great Silk Road and visit a little local museum telling about that civilization. Also watch a collection of Balbals, Turkic ancient tombs.

Upon arrival to Bishkek city, you can walk around the city or buy some souvenirs in Osh bazaar (market). Free time and dinner in a local caf?.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 4. Early in the morning transfer to the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border

Meeting at the border, transfer to hotel. Accommodation. Recreation.

Half day city tour around Almaty. Visiting Kok-Tobe — On a hilltop-viewing platform is located, which is visible from the beautiful panorama of the city of Almaty, as well as the endless horizon of the steppe area.

Medeo, where the high-roller, known around the world.

Mudflow dam «Medeo» is located 25 km from Almaty. The construction has three successive levels of height. By the dam is a concrete staircase, consisting of 842 steps.

Overnight at hotel

Central Asia 2 stans tour: Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan

Day 5. Charyn Canyon

Excursion to Charyn Canyon (200 km). The journey takes about 3 hours one way.

Charyn Canyon, which compared to the beauty of the Grand Canyon in Colorado, located east of Almaty. Unique forms of erosion and weathering of the relief will take you to the fantastic, surreal world of whimsical sculptures of sandstone «Castle Valley,» «Witches Gulch,» and others. The height of the steep slopes, columns and arches up to 150-300 meters. The canyon stretches for 154 km northeast to south-west, along the Charyn River, which is ideal for rafting. It remained rare representative of the vegetation of the globe — Sogdian ash, a survivor of the epoch of glaciation.

Overnight at hotel

Central Asia 2 stans tour: Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan

Day 6. Almaty

Full day, 6 hours. City tour of Almaty. Visiting the Park 28 guards — Panfilov, named in honor of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War; Cathedral — a wooden structure built without a nail; Green market — the old central market called «green» bazaar, because here the first green traded from time immemorial, the rich gifts of nature the Trans. Republic Square — the main square in Almaty is the largest and most beautiful park in the city with its magnificent ensemble of modern architecture, location, holiday parades, festivals, sporting events, parades, folk festivals; State Museum.

Transfer to the railway station. Night train to Astana.

Day 7. Astana

Meeting at the railway station.

Excursion around Astana city. Visit of the 80-meter tower Baiterek, the symbol of Kazakhstan, the monument, which absorbed the philosophical, political and historical significance of Independence of Kazakhstan, an entertainment complex Duman with Oceanarium, who personified all-new model in the entertainment industry, Presidential cultural center – a powerful research and cultural-educational complex in Astana. The museum has a unique ethnographic memorials of spiritual and material culture that reflect the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan from ancient times, the Orthodox Church, the Mosque of Astana, the ethno-memorial complex Atameken, which is a kind of open-air museum.

Compound coatings occupy of area of 1.7 hectares. The map contains major attractions of regions and cities of Kazakhstan: from historical, an architectural memorial of landscape features (mountains, lakes, and etc.) to the largest modern industrial facilities. Walking on the paths of the map that represent the main vehicle and rail roads of the country, you can see the most interesting objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Overnight at hotel

Central Asia 2 stans tour: Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan

Day 8. Astana – flight home

Excursion in Akmolinsky camp of wives of traitors of the Homeland, 30 km from Astana. ALZHIR — the colloquial name of the 17th women’s camp special office of the Karaganda ITL in Akmolinsky area, Kazakhstan (1938 — 1953). The largest Soviet women’s camp, one of 3 «islands» «Archipelago GULAG».

The name is connected with structure of prisoners which considerable part was repressed according to the operational order of People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the USSR — members of families of traitors of the Homeland There was also other colloquial name of camp office — «the 26th point» as the camp settled down in the 26th settlement of work houses.

The museum and memorial complex of memory of the victims of political repressions and totalitarianism «ALZHIR» is open on May 31, 2007 at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev. Opening of the museum was date for the 10 anniversary from the date of adoption in 1997 of the decree «About Establishment of Day of Memory of the Victims of Political Repressions — on May 31», to the 70 anniversary from the moment of the beginning of very political repressions.

Transfer to the hotel for rest or to the airport.

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