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Tour around Silk Road
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Welcome to Central Asia!
since 1990
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Tour around Silk Road

Day 1

Arrival to Almaty . Transfer to hotel, accommodation

Sightseeing tour around Almaty city

The tour starts with a visit to Central State Museum. The modern building was constructed in 1985 by architects Y.Ratushnogo, Z.Mustafinoy and B.Rzagalieva. This building is considered as one of the best buildings of modern architecture of our city. On its three floors located the exhibition galleries and four exhibition halls, which exhibits different epochs of life of the Kazakh people and their traditions. One of the unique exhibits of the museum is considered a replica of the famous Saka warrior — Golden Man, found in Issyk barrow near the town of Issyk. In the tomb was found about 4,000 gold ornaments, which confirms the high status of the warrior. For today, Golden Warrior is a national symbol and proud of the Kazakh people. Also in the tour program includes a visit to the 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. In this park located such famous buildings as: Cathedral — the strongest wooden building, constructed in Almaty in 1907 by the project of famous architect A.P.Zenkov. Museum of Kazakh national musical instruments, in which located the most popular among the Kazakh people Tool – Dombra. Memorial of fame — built in honor of the heroes, who died for the freedom and independence of our country.

After that, you will find a fascinating trip by cable car up to the mountain Kok-Tobe, from which you can explore the city of Almaty as the palm. To services of visitors mountain Kok-Tobe given the opportunity to slip down from the hill on a dizzying attraction «Fast coaster», visit the mini zoot, to get acquainted with the famous group «Beatles» and simply walk around the park at an altitude of about 1100 meters.

Tour around Silk Road

Day 2

Before you go to Bishkek, tourists can visit a favorite place of Almaty residents — the skating rink Medeo, located at an altitude of about 1300 meters. The Rink attracts with its beauty and unusual location among the mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau.

In the afternoon, transfer to Bishkek.

Day 3

Sightseeing tour around Bishkek. The tour beginning from visiting the monument of Manas (main national hero of the Kyrgyz people). After, the tour follow, to the State Historical Museum. In addition, in the tour program includes a visit the main square of Bishkek — «Ala-Too», where you can see the changing of the guard. «Ala-Too» — the most popular place in the city, where conducted some festivities, celebrations and other events. Next, we head to the Monument of Independence and the main government buildings, and then follow to the parliament, which is located at the old square. Transfer to Victory Square.

Return to the hotel. Evening walk around the city

Tour around Silk Road

Day 4

Transfer to the village of Tokmak, visiting «Buran Tower» — one of the few surviving towers, which are located on the site of passage of the ancient Silk Road. The program also includes a visit to the museum “Bal-Bals” on the open air and participating in demonstrations Horse Games in Kyrgyzstan in the local village.

Lunch in national Kyrgyz style. Return to the city

Day 5

Early breakfast. Flight to Tashkent

City tour includes next sights:

National Opera and Ballet named after. Alisher Navoi and built in 1947 by Japanese prisoners of war and stood at a strong earthquake in 1966. Memorial complex of the victims of repression. «The complex covers a vast area in front of the Tashkent TV Tower and the park is a recreation area on the banks of the canal Bozsu. The total area of the memorial is 17 hectares. A little further on is located the building of the museum «In memory of the victims of repression», built in oriental style, surrounded by carved wooden columns with a national ornament. After that, our tour goes to the Monument of Courage. The monument was erected in connection with the event, which became the most tragic in the modern history of Tashkent. On a cube from black labradorite is carved date — April 26, 1966, on the other side of the watch dial, which shows the time — 5 hours 24 minutes. Exactly in this time, residents of Tashkent experienced the strongest earthquake of 8 point on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located at a depth of about 10 km. After 10 year on this places was established the Monument of Courage.

Free time for walking around the city

Tour around Silk Road

Day 6

Transfer to the great city of Samarkand

Samarkand — city of legend, an oasis in the border regions of the Kyzyl-Kum desert. Ideally located between India, Persia and China, this city for centuries has been a key point of the Silk Road. However, this majestic city — has a dramatic story. He was almost razed to the ground by order of Genghis Khan. After that, Tamerlan restored the city and made the capital of his vast empire. From that moment has passed a lot of time, but almost all of the unique architectural monuments retained its original appearance.

Our excursion starts from visiting famous Registan Square — the heart of Samarkand, consisting of three historic buildings: Ulugbek Madrasah, Madrasah Thiel-Corey and Sher-Dor. Next sight the Mausoleum of Gur-Emir, and tomb of the Timurid dynasty.

Tour around Silk Road

Day 7

Today tour program includes the visiting Mosque of Bibi Khanum, Ulugbek observatory and local market. Bibi Khanum Mosque was built by Tamerlane as the largest mosque in the Muslim world, in memory of his beloved wife. The mosque was built in the short term — five years. In the construction of Mosque participated the talented local artisans and stonemasons from Azerbaijan, Fars and Khorasan. In order to facilitate heavy work used 99 elephants from India. Dome of the mosque in ancient times, was compared to the heavens, and the arch of the portal — with the Milky Way.

After the mosque, tourists can visit the local carpet factory and go shopping at the local market, which is imbued with the spirit of this wonderful ancient city.

In the end, visiting Ulugbek Observatory — son of Tamerlane. During the reign of Ulugbek, Samarkand became one of the centers of science. Scientific papers of Ulugbek were created thanks to the unique observatory, which he built in Samarkand. The main instrument was a giant stationary quadrant placed inside a cylindrical building with a diameter of 48 meters; it was designed for observations to the sun, moon and other planets of the firmament.

Tour around Silk Road

Day 8

Arriving to Bukhara. Transfer to Hotel. Accommodation, Breakfast and rest

Sightseeing tour around Bukhara.

The tour program includes a visit to the Holy Bukhara – the oldest walled city in Central Asia — with the perfectly preserved architectural monuments of medieval east. Walking tour of the old city of Bukhara: visiting the mausoleum of Ismail Samanid, Mosque Bolo Hauz. Next Ark fortress — the ancient citadel, built in the beginning of the I century BC. Trading domes of Bukhara: Saraffon Toki, Toki Telpakfurushon, Toki Zargaron where previously traded silks and hats, expensive jewelry and changed money traders who arrived in Bukhara from distant countries. Even nowadays, you can see and buy various souvenirs and jewelry. Visiting Caravan Saifiddin barn, which is now the center of Bukhara Crafts Development.

Evening walk around the city

Tour around Silk Road

Day 9

This tour includes a visit to the summer residence of the Emir of Bukhara — Palace Sitorai-Khosa (Palace between the stars and the moon) and folk art museum. The palace complex built by the example of traditional Bukharian houses and consists of three parts: вход, outer courtyard (for men) the inner court (for women). Emir has borrowed European technology in the decoration of the palace and moved here a mixed suburban style of European palaces.

Today it has a large collection of clothes of XIX century. And also restored buildings in the complex, and the Palace, as well as a hundred years ago, is ready to accept the royal guests and ambassadors from distant countries.

Day 10

Khiva is probably the most special Uzbek city whose history is inextricably linked with the history of the legendary state Khorezm with its capital in Urgench. In ancient times, this city had a reputation as one of the largest slave market in the Middle East. Khiva — a very ancient city. In the X century, it is mentioned as a major trading center on the Silk Road. All caravans, which journeyed to China, made a stop here.
On the origin of Khiva, there are many interesting legends. In the most common tells that the city has grown around the well «Hay Wah» with incredibly delicious and cool water, which was excavated by order of the eldest son of the biblical Noah — Shem. Khiva — is a unique city, rightfully claiming the title of «the Seventh Wonder of the World», due to its authentic atmosphere of «the era of the beginning of time». Most of the city of Khiva is similar to open-air museum. The core of the museum — fortress Ichan-Kala. Exactly inside of this fortress concentrated all the architectural masterpieces of Khiva. In 1990, the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A walking tour of the city museum. Visiting the fortress Ichan-Kala and the Palace Tash-Hawley

Evening walkTour around Silk Road

Day 11

Flight to Tashkent through the city of Urgench. Arrival to Tashkent. Accommodation, rest

Day 12

Transfer to airport

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