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Visiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites
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Welcome to Central Asia!
since 1990
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Visiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 1
— 22:50 meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Rest

Day 2
— Breakfast in a hotel.
— Free day

Day 3
-Breakfast in a hotel
-Transfer to Lake Tengiz, later in Korgalzhyn Reserve (120 km)
— Sightseeing tour of Korgalzhyn Reserve, which entered into UNESCO World Heritage List. Lake Tengiz — one of the largest lakes in Kazakhstan, located in the central part of the country in Akmola and Karaganda regions. The natural value of this body of water is that its shores are many breeds of birds of different species, including the pink flamingo, Dalmatian Pelican, sandpipers and gulls. In the coastal area there are over 300 species of plants inhabit Steppenwolf and saiga.Visiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 4
— Excursion to Borovoe
Borovoe is a real oasis, fantastic world of nature, ornament and pride of the northern part in Kazakhstan. This is area of heals resorts, rest homes, sports and recreation camps. Here come dozens of thousands people from all over the world to improve their health, get acquainted with beautiful and unusual nature and to relax. Borovoe is famous for its picturesque surroundings. During driving to Borovoe it is difficult to miss beautiful lakes surrounded by lush vegetation. The combination of mountains, pine forests and lakes creates not only the unique beauty of the landscape, but also a special medical beneficial climate of coniferous trees.Visiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 5
— Breakfast in a hotel
-Excursion — «The capital of Kazakhstan Astana». The excursion includes visit of the Bayterek complex one of the main sights of the city (height of a construction makes 97 meters), visit of entertainment center of «Duman» with an oceanarium, which is represented by completely new model in show business, survey of the mini-map of Kazakhstan of «Atameken». On the card, essential sights of areas and the cities of Kazakhstan are presented: from historical architectural memorials and landscape features (the mountain, the lake, etc.) to the biggest modern industrial objects. Following ways of the card, which represent the main automobile, and railway roads of the country, it is possible to see the most interesting objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the end of day walk around the city.
— Transfer to the airport. Flight to Shymkent city
-Meeting at the airport Shymkent. Transfer to hotel. –Accommodation. -Free time and restVisiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 6
— Breakfast. Excursion to Aksu Zhabagly
«- Sightseeing tour around Nature Reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Walking tour of the area. Journey to the spring of Kokbulak. Nature reserve Aksu-Zhabagly is located in the northwestern part of the Tian Shan Mountains in southern Kazakhstan. This is one of the richest natural animal reserve in the world. The reserve was opened in July 14, 1926, it is one of the oldest nature reserves in Central Asia. Aksu Zhabagly Reserve has many tourist attractions such as gorges, varied landscapes and caves.»Visiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 7
-Breakfast at the hotel
— Excursion to the city Turkestan via Otrar (170 km)
-Visiting the local historical museum «Otrar», «Arystan — Bab mausoleum» and the archaeological site of ancient settlement Otrar. In 150 km from Shymkent city, near Otrar is located the mausoleum preacher of Islam, religious figure who lived in the XII century, teacher and spiritual mentor of H.A. Yassavi, Arystan Baba (architectural monument of XIV century.). The mausoleum is a monument of architecture, as well as this place is one of the main places of worship for Muslims. Pilgrims first visit Arystan Bab Mausoleum, and then the mausoleum H.A.Yassavi.
— Otrar — the excavations on the site of the ancient city, helped for researchers, find out a lot about the city’s infrastructure. Otrar had a clear planning of streets, neighborhoods and areas where it was possible to get through the three city gates equipped with drawbridge over the moat. Availability in the city monetary house, handicraft quarters, water and sewage, indicating the development of the city.
— Visiting the historical and architectural complex «Azret Sultan»; Mausoleum H.A Yassavi. Modern mausoleum was built on the burial site of the famous poet Khoja Ahmed Yassavi, who had a great authority among Muslims and had a significant impact on Islam in Central Asia. The architectural complex of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi — a striking example of architecture, united in their walls different types of rooms. The main room of the architectural composition of the complex is the tomb of Ahmed Yassavi located in the rear part of the building. The height of the huge building is equal to 44 meters, diameter of the main dome — 22 meters. The building consists of 30 rooms and halls. Pearls of this museum is — Tai Kazan — the biggest bowl for water across the eastern Muslim world
-Transfer to airport. Flight to Almaty.
— Meeting in the airport. Transfer to the hotel. RestVisiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 8
— Breakfast in a hotel.
City tour of Almaty including -Visiting the Park 28 guards — Panfilov, named in honor of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Cathedral — a wooden structure built without a nail; Green market — the old central market called «green» bazaar, because here the first green traded from time immemorial, the rich gifts of nature the Trans. Republic Square — the main square in Almaty is the largest and most beautiful park in the city with its magnificent ensemble of modern architecture, location, holiday parades, festivals, sporting events, parades, folk festivals; State Museum. In addition, Visiting Kok-Tobe — On a hilltop-viewing platform is located, which is visible from the beautiful panorama of the city of Almaty, as well as the endless horizon of the steppe area.
— Medeo, where the high-roller, known around the world. Mudflow dam «Medeo» is located 25 km from Almaty. The construction has three successive levels of height. By the dam is a concrete staircase, consisting of 842 steps.
-Return to hotel. Free timeVisiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 9
— Breakfast at the hotel
— Excursion to petroglyphs Tanbaly.
In 190 kilometers from Almaty extends the gorge «Tanbaly. Tanbaly in Kazakh language means «stones with the signs.» On the right coast of the river «Ili» there are about 1000 different rock images that belong to the late Middle Ages, it is — petroglyphs. Among them, the most famous image — the three Buddhist deities. Elegant Tibetan inscriptions accompany rock paintings. The figures are dated XIV — XVI centuries. Only 18 rocks with signs. This gorge is a real gallery of ancient art. The walls of the gorge are cover with pictures of animals and scenes of life at the time, carved by metal teeth. Complex Tanbaly is an outstanding monument of art, history and culture in Kazakhstan. Visiting this gorge ensures a memorable surrounding nature and energy of this ancient sacred place.Visiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites
-Return to Almaty

Day 10
-Early breakfast
-Excursion to the National Park Altyn-Emel (290 km)
In the heart of Central Asia, in the valley of the Ili River, stretches the State National Park «Altyn-Emel». Park was organized April 10, 1996. The purpose of the park — the preservation of the unique natural complex of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, rare and endangered species of plants and animals, the development of eco-tourism. Flora of Park has about 1,800 species of plants, including 21 species listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, about 60 species are endemic and rare forms of Dzhungarskiy Alatau. The tour includes a visit to «Singing Dune». In the long dune reaches about two — three kilometers, and in height — about 120-meters. Singing Dune is remarkable that in dry weather produces melodic sounds, that is why he got its name. His songs can be heard from a few kilometers away.
— Overnight in guest house.Visiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 11
— Transfer to Kolsay Lake
Kolsai Lakes called the pearl of the northern Tien Shan. Three picturesque mountain lake, located in the northern part of the Tien Shan. Kolsai Lake — one of the most beautiful places in the nature of Kazakhstan. They are located at 1800, 2250 and 2700 meters above sea level. They are distinguished by a unique watershed mountain landscape, consisting of three natural zones, and a variety of rare plants and animals.
— Accommodation. RestVisiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 12
-Transfer to Kaindy Lake
-Excursion around Kaindy Lake. The lake Kaindy is famous for its origin. It was formed in 1911 by a powerful earthquake that triggered a landslide blocked the gorge. Water flooded the valley with pine trees. The lake water is very cold, causing the needles of trees is well preserved, and it can be clearly seen through the transparent surface of water.
-Return to guesthouses. RelaxVisiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 13
— Breakfast
— Transfer to the Charyn Canyon
Charyn Canyon, which compared to the beauty of the Grand Canyon in Colorado, located east of Almaty. Unique forms of erosion and weathering of the relief will take you to the fantastic, surreal world of whimsical sculptures of sandstone «Castle Valley» «Witches Gulch,» and others. The height of the steep slopes, columns and arches up to 150-300 meters. The canyon stretches for 154 km northeast to south-west, along the Charyn River, which is ideal for rafting. It remained rare representative of the vegetation of the globe — Sogdian ash, a survivor of the epoch of glaciation.
— Transfer to Almaty. Accommodation at the hotel. RestVisiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 14
— Excursion to Issyk Lake + Turgen gorge
The lake to be in the Issyk gorge at the height of 1700 m above sea level, 90 km from Almaty, about 1,5 hours of a driving per one way. A lake it was formed about 8-10 thousand years ago. The road to the lake passes by Issyk barrows where the «Gold person» who became nowadays a symbol of Kazakhstan found. The lake to be on border of National natural park Il Alatau and the Almaty reserve where the specific mode of protection of the animal and vegetable worlds carried out. Therefore, here you have an opportunity if of course the happy occurrence smiles, to see the roe or soiled. Water in a lake cold and pure. There is an iridescent trout — the fish living only in flowing or spring water. On the left side of the river Issyk is available a set of glades on which you can conveniently settle down and have a rest from city bustle, breathe clean mountain air. For your convenience, it is necessary to have comfortable footwear and clothes
In 90 km from Almaty the fine corner of the nature — the Turgen gorge settles down. Rich with hot springs, falls, the coniferous and mixed woods, the Alpine and subalpine meadows, lakes and springs, herbs and berries Cool streams of water refreshed tired travelers, gave long-awaited rest and simplification. The district that ancient travelers once chose impresses also us now. In picturesque at the gorge you will be able to admire one of the most nice and impressive creation of the nature. During visit of the gorge Turgen, you will get acquainted with the nature and history of edge, archaeological monuments of saksky culture — barrows burial grounds, and also you will see the archaeological museum open-air where you will be met by the soldier-saka sculpture — well-known the «Gold person» who became the state symbol of the Republic of KazakhstanVisiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 15
— Excursion to Big Almaty lake
Big Almaty Lake situated 40 km from Almaty. This Lake formed 8,000 years ago. Its length is 1.5 km depth, majestic peaks (the peak of the Soviets, Lake Peak, the peak of tourist, the peak of Big Almaty surround 35 meters from the lake. Depending on the season, the color of the lake varies from pale green to turquoise-blue. In the valley above the lake is situated the village with spectacular domed Tien-Shan Astronomical Observatory (2 km from the lake, at an altitude of 2700 m). In addition, even higher (at an altitude of 3300 m), near the pass Zhasylkezen — Kosmostantsiya, where you can spend the night, admiring the stars.
The east branch of the Big Almaty canyon, spreading to the south from Almaty, leads the traveller to the Big Almaty Lake. It surrounded by mountains covered with the coniferous woods of Zailijsky Alatau, and sits at a height of about two and a half thousand meters above sea level. This lake was form about 10 thousand years ago after rock fall of tectonic nature. Even now, one may see break traces and imagine how global that disaster was. Neighboring the lake is the Astronomical Institute of Ionosphere and Sun by Shtenberg with an observatory, where you may view the sky full of stars through their telescope. Very often Big Almaty Lake is the starting point for the journey through the mountains of Northern Tjan-Shanja to Issyk-Kul lake coast. It is quite popular among the tourists of Almaty.Visiting to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 16
— Transfer to the airport. Flight home.

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